511 Impregnator Sealer  
    511 Impregnator Sealer is formulated for sealing concrete and masonry to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultraviolet light, staining, salt ion intrusion and freeze/thaw damage. 511 Impregnator is a unique polymerized silicone formulation designed for the protection of all medium to dense porous tile, stone and grout surfaces. 511 Impregnator penetrates into the surface and forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains, while allowing vapor to escape. 511 Impregnator is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look. All surfaces are harder and less slippery. 511 Impregnator can be used on interior and exterior applications. 511 Impregnator is U.V. transparent, resists acid rain and will not yellow under any circumstances. 511 Impregnator averages five to twenty times the coverage of competitive products. (See coverage chart). 511 products have been formulated.  
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