Terrazzo Installation      

Terrazzo installation consists of the following steps:

  • Inspection of the subfloor for any defects such as cracks and uneven floor, repairing cracks and preparing the sub-floor.
  • Installing divider stips to provide expention joint, separate colors, and outline the designs.
  • Mixing the cement base or epoxy rasin with the chips and pouring the terrazzo mix onto the floor.
  • Once the terrazzo is cured, grinding and polishing takes place to achive the final product.
  Terrazzo Restoration    
  Terrazzo restoration depends on the condition of the floor. There are several processes that can be used to bring back the natural beauty of your floor. Grinding, honing, polishing, and crystallization are all used to restore the terrazzo surfaces.    
  Terrazzo History      

Terrazzo, from the Italian word for terraces, was created in the Fifteenth-century in Europe when Venetian workers discovered a new use for discarded marble scrap. They used the marble chips to surface the terraces around their living quarters. The uneven surfaces created, when the chips were set in clay to anchor them, convinced the workers that flattening the surface would produce a smoother surface more comfortable for walking. They began to rub the surface with handstone, achieving a flat surface.

Since that time it has become a logical and practical solution for contemporary design and construction. Now a days terrazzo flooring is a material consisting of marble, granite, onyx or glass chips in Portland cement, modified Portland cement or a resinous matrix that is poured and ground smooth when dry. Available in many colors, it forms a hard, smooth, durable surface that is easily cleaned.

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